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Woman With a Plan - Issue #1

Hello friends!  Welcome to my inaugural newsletter. After years of honing my internet skills, I've de

Woman With A Plan

October 13 · Issue #1 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

Hello friends! 
Welcome to my inaugural newsletter. After years of honing my internet skills, I’ve decided to channel all my news consumption, product research and general rabbit hole diving into one compilation of weekly highlights. I hope you enjoy - and daresay - benefit from it. 

The Future's So Bright
While fall officially started on September 22nd, my brain finally got the memo this week and promptly began its annual spiral towards the winter of my discontent. Waking in pitch darkness and dragging three desperately sleepy kids out of bed each morning reminded me to follow my therapist’s advice last winter and invest in a SAD lamp. Could there be a more pathetic name for it? After moderate research, I chose a slightly more premium model boasting a full 10,000 LUX. That HAS to be good, right? I shall keep you posted on the results! In the meantime, please enjoy these highlights of my weekly meandering….
Newsworthy News
Harvey Weinstein is a disgusting, abusive asshole. While allegations from countless women don’t come as much of a surprise, the response among women in the industry, from Gwyneth to Lena, is a reassuring sign of change. That said, I want to hear more of Hollywood’s leading men speak out on the topic. As with most gender issues, men are the cause and the solution; and yet, this is still treated as a women’s problem. 
P.S. Thank GOD his wife is leaving him
On a related topic, did you know 2017 is the Year of the Sociopathic Baby-Man?
After so many wildfires this year, this one is particularly devastating
Kind of obsessed with this Katie Couric podcast interview with Martha Stewart. 
Guys, I think Eminem is a Democrat.
Why do things like this never happen to me at the airport?
This made me cry. #imstillwithher #butberniewasprettygreattoo
via @badasscrossstitch
Open Tabs
Inhabit makes really beautiful cashmere sweaters and they’re having a crazy good sample sale - check it out here
Urban Outfitters is offering 20% all beauty products until October 16th. Get on it! I highly recommend this and this.
I’ve been on the lookout for a sweater with shoulder buttons, ala Isabel Marant. This one comes pretty close, but those stripes are a little too Beetlejuice-esque for my liking. 
Very tempted by this classic navy blazer, especially with the pop of red. 
Excited for this new book by Jennifer Egan. I loved her previous novel, A Visit from the Good Squad.
Good inspiration for couples Halloween costumes, if you’re into that sort of thing. 🙋
Have a lovely weekend and see you next week!
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