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Woman With A Plan - Issue #2

A quick note... Wow, thank you for the tremendous feedback last week. This WAS a good idea! I'm so ap

Woman With A Plan

October 20 · Issue #2 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

A quick note…
Wow, thank you for the tremendous feedback last week. This WAS a good idea! I’m so appreciative of your support and look forward to bringing you interesting new content each week. I also take requests! Need a special outfit? Looking for the perfect flugelhorn? Let me know and I’ll include it in the next newsletter. 
With gratitude,

Let the River Run
When I was about seven years old, during the rise of home video players, my father announced we were getting a Betamax. (“The quality is unbelievable!”) While my friends boasted weekly windfalls of VHS releases, our family alternated between meager rental selections in town or a Beta mecca located 45 minutes away. Thankfully, my parents were kind enough to spring for HBO and I was granted a small allocation of blank tapes with which to record (and re-record) my heart’s desire. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Ghostbusters were held sacred, with The Making of Sports Illustrated 25th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue coming in a close third (for the art). My mother’s blank tapes featured typical mom fare of foreign films and complicated adult dramas. Little then did I realize - while scouring her selections for nudity - that one of her choices would captivate my attention and continue to influence my life nearly 30 years later. That magical movie? Working Girl. Aside from Sigourney Weaver’s incredible performance as Katherine Parker, or Harrison Ford at his swooniest, Melanie Griffith as the scrappy, underestimated Tess McGill taught me to think outside the box and look for inspiration from every possible resource. I promptly began filling journals with clippings from newspapers and magazines, archiving everything from celebrity profiles to witty New Yorker columns. Someday I would mastermind my very own Trask radio acquisition. Perhaps that day has finally come with this newsletter. I’ll let you be the judge. In the meantime, I leave you with these words of wisdom: 
Dress shabbily, they notice the dress. Dress impeccably, they notice the woman.
Coco Chanel
Of course, we never really say goodbye
Media Diet
The post-Weinstein era has begun, with one insightful, disturbing, and powerful statement after another (and this interesting interview with one the NY Times journalists who broke the story). The subsequent #metoo movement has allowed many women to share their own experiences with sexual harassment or assault, shining a spotlight on this pervasive behavior in our culture. The long-term impact remains to be seen, though I find these responses encouraging. I’m hopeful in the coming weeks we’ll rely less on the testimony of women and demand further accountability and action among men
In a related (and fabulous) story, Carrie Fisher was the best. RIP
California has joined the bandwagon of states banning employers from asking job applicants their prior salary. Once a common practice, I’m thrilled to see progressive states and employers implementing this rule to narrow the gender wage gap.
Or maybe we should all just use masculine nicknames and include our Boy Scout rank on our resumes?
New emojis are coming, including a long overdue shhh face. Now, who wants to volunteer to submit the criminally absent lobster emoji? (🦀 is NOT the same.)
On a more serious note, words can’t describe how much I enjoy Britney’s Instagram.
While we’re at it, I live for Candice Bergen and her crazy handpainted bags. 
via @witchoria
Open Tabs
I’m really into this blouson-sleeve sweater trend I’ve been seeing lately, but I need a more affordable option. So far these are my best alternatives, but I’m holding out for a better one.
Great deal on my all-time favorite chambray shirt (I own five of them). Please buy this before I do.
Sooo tempted to buy this pair of perfect straight-leg black jeans. (I probably own five pairs just like these too.)
Super cute military jacket (or overshirt, whatever that is). 
Can you say of your bite that it's worse than your bark?
Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!
Woman With A Plan is weekly newsletter by Sarah Richey, a Seattle-based working mom of three feminists in the making. 
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