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Woman With A Plan - Issue #21

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” ― Frederick Douglass

Woman With A Plan

March 9 · Issue #21 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
― Frederick Douglass

Let the Children Play
Hello again! Thank you for the much-needed break. After our flu-ridden vacation, a few days to slow down and recover were just what the doctor ordered. My husband also “happened” to schedule a guy’s ski trip the following weekend, which meant I was flying solo the better part of last week. Normally I dread this annual event; the thought of four days alone with my children in the dead of winter makes me want to lie down right now and take a nap. If you don’t get these kids outside before noon, you are toast (far easier said than done in a city with 152 days of annual rainfall). This time around, however, I employed a different strategy. I’ve been reading The Cut’s terrific series on How to Raise a Boy and given our lackluster vacation, I decided to cast aside all adult distractions and let my boys navigate our time alone together. Each day became an opportunity for them to brainstorm ideas and map out our game plan, from visiting a cool museum to geocaching around the neighborhood, discovering a new playground, baking chocolate chip cookies, or watching Mommy’s favorite childhood movie (ok, I’ll admit to influencing that decision). They were so happy and it was one of the most rewarding weekends I’ve experienced as a mom. What was once me vs. them became us. Just don’t tell my husband to get any big ideas about next year’s ski trip…
Mommy #killingit 🙌🎖️🏆
Media Diet
Did you watch the Oscars last weekend? Me neither, though not for lack of trying. We cut the cord last year and I spent a frustrating amount of time attempting to watch it, only to discover Xfinity had blocked live streaming of ABC during the broadcast (same story during the Golden Globes on NBC in January). As network ratings continue to resemble the Mesozoic era, I hope they start looking for ways to connect with consumers who aren’t connecting through cable. 
Fortunately, there’s youtube for those of us who missed the live broadcast. My favorite sartorial moment was a tie between comedian Tiffany Haddish wearing the same dress from prior appearances, and the legendary Rita Moreno wearing the same dress from her Oscar-award winning ceremony in 1962! May this inspire more celebrities to ditch the stylists and give us more fashion surprises
Of course, it goes without saying Frances McDormand gave my favorite acceptance speech of the night. As a fitting culmination to an award show season grappling with #metoo and #timesup movements, she made it quite clear we’re just getting started
For anyone who needs to be reminded of last year’s Oscar fiasco, the Hollywood Reporter compiled a fascinating oral history. (In a surprise twist, Steve Harvey was the biggest winner of the night.)
On a related topic, be sure to read Lindy West’s latest editorial on the need to rid ourselves of bad man and bad movies. 
Journalist Jane Mayer wrote a blockbuster of an expose on the infamous Trump Dossier in this week’s New Yorker, and her subsequent interview with Terry Gross is a must listen. I don’t know whether to cry or grab the popcorn and watch this true-life spy drama unfold.
Get your signs ready! Students and survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida have organized March For Our Lives, a nationwide protest against gun violence on March 24th. Here are all the details on how to get involved in your hometown.
In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, several brands have announced limited “female” editions to benefit women’s organizations, including McDonald’s and Brawny. Scotch whiskey producer Johnnie Walker introduced Jane Walker, a “female version” designed to overcome the fact that “scotch as a category is seen as particularly intimidating by women.” Okaaay. For every bottle produced, a dollar will be donated to women’s organizations, including Monumental Women and She Should Run. In an ironic twist, the NY Times points out the unlikely modern-day connection between the prohibition era suffragette movement and the liquor industry’s dark history of lobbying against the 19th Amendment. #itscomplicated
Sign me up for this Book Club. 📚👌
Open Tabs
For all my fellow makeup junkies, enjoy this rundown of Oscar red carpet looks heavily dominated by Glossier. Like any of their new introductions, I’m intrigued by Lidstar Duo
Speaking of new eye makeup, I finally got my hands on Milk Makeup’s eye vinyl (in bridge) and I’m a big fan. I’m also enjoying the Lip + Cheek stick (in rally), though I returned the Matte Bronzer since it didn’t make much of an impact.
April showers are almost here… a good reason to stock up on a new anorak. This cute windbreaker also caught my eye.
Spotted this very Isabel Marant-esque outfit at H&M recently - hurry, sizes are going quick!
Sign me up for every single thing on this page. #wardrobegoals
I am officially OVER the raw-hem trend in denim. I tried to find a new pair of jeans at Nordstrom the other day and was hard-pressed to find any that weren’t hacked off at the bottom or ripped up at the knees. I don’t mind having a couple pairs for casual Fridays, but I can’t go to work dressed like a pirate every day! And let’s be honest, this is clearly a cost-cutting measure for denim brands - why bother with a hem when you can get away without it? My prayer to the denim Gods: please bring back normal hems! 🙏👖🤞
💗 ✊🏻 💗 ✊🏽 💗 ✊🏿 💗 via @eleonoraarosio
Have a Wonderful Weekend.
Woman With A Plan is weekly newsletter by Sarah Richey, a Seattle-based working mom of three feminists in the making.
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