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Woman With A Plan - Issue #24

“Not knowing is true knowledge. Presuming to know is a disease.First realize that you are sick; then

Woman With A Plan

March 30 · Issue #24 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

“Not knowing is true knowledge. Presuming to know is a disease.
First realize that you are sick; then you can move toward health.”
― Lao Tzu

I Wanna Be Sedated
Back in my early twenties, I started experiencing frequent episodes of food poisoning-like symptoms. This was particularly frustrating at an age when food poisoning was the standard excuse among peers at work for super fucking hungover. But my sporadic illness was the real deal, miserable and inconvenient. I’ll never forget a mortifying spell in the midst of setting up for a corporate trade show in Chicago. I spent the day directing five burly union workers on our floorplan while intermittently racing to the bathroom. By the time we were done, I was curled up in the fetal position on the floor of our assembled booth. This mysterious ailment continued for years, yet I mostly avoided dealing with it. One general practitioner suggested acid-reflux; another prescribed antibiotics for an ulcer. It wasn’t until I crawled into an emergency room at age 28 when a persistent doctor suggested further testing and the mystery was solved: I have Crohn’s Disease, a chronic autoimmune condition of the digestive tract. For some, symptoms are mild and manageable with diet. Others struggle with intestinal damage requiring outrageously expensive medication or surgical intervention. Over the last ten years, my disease has progressed towards the latter, though I’ve been fortunate to form a very intimate relationship with my gastroenterologist to manage it as smoothly as possible. If my calculations are correct, next Monday will mark my 10th colonoscopy before the age of 40. #livingthedream 🙌 Oddly enough, I’ve always considered myself a healthy person, even when I was in my worst physical state. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s that we often take our good health for granted. I didn’t realize how much my body was suffering until I started taking appropriate steps to preserve it.  
Media Diet
I’m still in awe of all the young people who came out for the March For Our Lives last weekend, from Parkland survivor Samantha Fuentes to 11-year-old Naomi Wadler. Incredible! Counting the days until they can VOTE. 
I have many a bone to pick with the NFL, not least of which is the discriminatory world of cheerleading highlighted in recent claims by New Orleans “Saintsations” member Bailey Davis. Can we finally address this outdated tradition?
This is 40 - And Pregnant. Bravo to Vogue for this beautiful coverage of an increasingly common choice. 
Hero of the week: Maryland gubernatorial candidate Krish Vignarajah. 💪
Exciting news for fans of serial season one. But will we ever meet the Mail Kimp
It took me a few episodes to get hooked on The Crown, but once I did, I burned straight through the first two season. Of all dramatic portrayals of Queen Elizabeth, I’d have to put Claire Foy’s at the top. And if you need any better example of gender discrimination in the workplace, I give you exhibit A. #totalbullshit
Speaking of The Crown, a new Prince Philip has been cast to join the new Queen Elizabeth (good news for any Outlander fans). 
I’m a big fan of anything by Sofia Coppola and I was glad to finally catch up with her latest film, The Beguiled. Everything she produces is so detailed and intimate, from the Civil War-era scenery to performances by Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell. A shockingly stark contrast to the original 1971 version
Really enjoyed this interview with organizational psychologist Adam Grant on the goop podcast this week. I’ll be sure to give his new podcast a listen too. 
A phoenix rises as mankind falls. (P.S. don’t forget Sad Affleck)
Print by Geoff McFetridge
Open Tabs
What a perfect pair of spring pajamas (and 40% off!)
Ooh, I’m dying to get my hands on this popular coat. Hopefully, they’ll restock their sizes soon.
In the meantime, I love the look of this embroidered denim jacket.
Nordstrom is now offering a selection of Anthropologie home goods. Hopefully, Anthro fashion will soon follow…
Super cute jumpsuit.
My love of all things striped led me to discover this cool Danish brand, Mads Nørgaard, but it doesn’t look like shipping to the US is available yet. Trist!
Retro fashion alert! Classic soccer brand Umbro is making a comeback with merchandise at Target and Kohl’s. Now let’s all put on our checkerboard shorts and pretend it’s 1991.
My sweet jungle gym boy 💗🐒
Have a Wonderful Weekend.
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