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Woman With A Plan - Issue #25

"It's the way that you know what I thought I knew,It's the beat my heart skips when I'm with you,But

Woman With A Plan

April 6 · Issue #25 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

“It’s the way that you know what I thought I knew,
It’s the beat my heart skips when I’m with you,
But I still don’t understand,
Just how the love you’re doing no one else can.”
― Beyoncé

Pop Quiz
A couple years ago on a rare date night (sans kids), I convinced my husband to try an experiment I had read about in a NY Times Modern Love column. It was a survey of sorts, including 36 Questions to Fall in Love. The original author had used it on a first date and - spoiler alert - it worked. Questions range from, “What would constitute a ‘perfect’ day for you?” to “What is your most terrible memory?” Our dinner that evening progressed for hours as we laughed and cried over shared memories and life-changing experiences. We’ve known each other for 19 years, but somehow the questions revealed new or unspoken thoughts, desires, and fears. And yes, we stared into each other’s eyes for a solid FOUR minutes (only slightly awkward for the first minute or two). I didn’t need help falling in love with my husband, but if it’s possible, I loved him even more by the end of the night. Perhaps as important, I felt equally loved by him. I still think about those 36 Questions often, recommending them to friends and new parents. In a time when our lives seem to get busier by the day, it’s reassuring to have a simple method to reconnect. One of these nights, I hope we take the time to answer them again. After watching this video of senior couples giving it a try, I’m convinced it’s a worthy lifelong practice.
A heads up to my loyal readers, I will be on hiatus over the next few weeks. Thank you for your continued support of WWAP. Be back soon! 😘
Dialog, 1973 by Rudolf Bonvie
Media Diet
Not long ago, John Oliver warned us of the dangers of corporate media consolidation and this week we saw the chilling consequences with this forced script on “journalistic responsibility” airing on Sinclair Broadcast Group stations. Soo… simultaneously reading a right-wing script doesn’t count as #fakenews?
Sinclair chairman’s response to the controversy: “You can’t be serious!” Here’s one way to convince him.
Speaking of fascism, “Americans should not be forced to choose between their principles and their paychecks,” especially when it comes to rightfully flipping the bird. 
And if things weren’t grim enough, Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright warns us to stay alert before it’s too late. 😳
Let’s focus on another country’s drama, shall we?
Kudos to Naomi Campbell for advocating for an African edition of Vogue
Feeling so inspired by these beautiful vacation photos of White Sands, New Mexico. Spring break 2019?
Speaking of beautiful vacation spots, Travel Oregon is killing it again. Come on Washington, time to step up our game. 
Does something about your living room feel off? Check out these useful tips on proper furniture placement
Shout out to my mom and all her knitting friends - this one’s for you!
North Cascades, 1972 by Ivan Chermayeff
Open Tabs
Score! Spotted a woman wearing these terracotta mules in a local lunch spot this week and casually asked where she found them. #orderplaced #noshame
P.S. Brace yourself for a whole lotta terracotta coming soon.
It’s been a while since I’ve shopped at Old Navy and they have some super cute things right now, like this camera bag and this cutout swimsuit (love the striped option).
Something prompted me to browse the Adidas selections on Asos this week and I am officially obsessed. I want it ALL, but mostly these red slides and these classic campers.
File under what not to buy: skincare experts weigh in on the biggest beauty scams. Not the creepy hanacure mask!
These rugby shirts are giving me major Benetton vibes. #1984
Art by @lisacongdon
Have a Wonderful Weekend.
Woman With A Plan is weekly newsletter by Sarah Richey, a Seattle-based working mom of three feminists in the making.
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