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Woman With A Plan - Issue #27

Got my own mindI wanna make my own decisionsWhen it has to do with my life, my lifeI wanna be the one

Woman With A Plan

May 11 · Issue #27 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

Got my own mind
I wanna make my own decisions
When it has to do with my life, my life
I wanna be the one in control
― Janet Jackson 

Let it Go
ad·ven·ture (noun)
An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.
I’ve been thinking a lot about personal mantras this week, hoping to find the perfect phrase for encouragement. Ironically, one of my favorite blogs brought up this very topic, along with a challenge to meditate for 10 minutes each day. (True story: meditating every day was my New Year’s Resolution in 2017 and I didn’t do it once.) Planning a move abroad has presented new challenges by the hour and I’m finding it all too easy to stress over the smallest detail. I live to research and organize! I am a logistical master! I must have every problem solved before it arises! As I was navigating international bank accounts and translating German lease agreements, it dawned on me that I could easily forget to enjoy this experience. And I kept reciting a magical piece of advice from one of my readers: “Don’t try to control everything.” It’s ok if I don’t know where to buy diapers in Vienna, or where the kids will go to school in the fall. It’s ok if the answer is, “I don’t know.” We will figure it out, we will ask for help, and we will embrace it. Some aspects of this adventure may never feel perfectly planned, but that’s what makes it perfectly adventurous. 
And DON'T call me baby.
Media Diet
Donald Trump did something truly appalling this week and… WHO CARES, IT’S THE MET BALL! Why fret about North Korea or Iran when Rihanna is dressed like the pope, or Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing a nativity scene on her HEAD. This year’s theme was, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” and someone was born ready. Oh to be a fly on the wall (or Jimmy Fallon). I think it’s safe to say, no one was enjoying it quite as much as this goddess.
What is the term for someone who argues for justice while corrupting it? Oxymoron?
This incredible song has been in my head all week and I can’t stop thinking about the haunting video (caution: violent imagery). Everyone has something to say about it, but here are a few of my favorite takes.
Kudos to Hawaii for taking a stand to protect our coral reefs. Here’s a helpful list of non-chemical sunscreens if you’re planning a trip to the ocean.
Gulp. 🙋
Can we please have live tweets of Greta Gerwig’s reactions to ALL movies?
I guess it wasn’t a tribute to Diana after all? 😈
Speaking of mothers, I highly recommend the first episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s new Facebook series on the topic of motherhood. A refreshingly honest discussion with her mother, daughter, and the mother of her stepson. I especially loved this insight: “Expectations will steal the gifts that are sitting right there in front of you.”
Happy Mother’s Day to my fellow mamas! May you enjoy all the gifts sitting in front of you. 😘💐🥂
photo by Harold Feinstein
Open Tabs
Glossier has finally introduced their very own mascara which is sure to be a huge hit. Here’s a preview of its performance.
My beloved Lululemon sweatpants are on their last leg(s) and this pair from Outdoor Voices caught my eye as a potential replacement.
Love this graphic top.
What a beautiful dress for summer! Sadly it’s almost sold out, but here’s a nice alternative.
Target is still nailing it with their Who What Wear line, and I can personally vouch for this, this, and this.
Aaand if anyone is listening, I wouldn’t mind one of these for Mother’s Day (or this eye cream). 
Untitled (Let's Get Lost) by Shaun Sundholm
Have a Lovely Weekend
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