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Woman With A Plan - Issue #29

“The greatest wealth is to live content with little.” ― Plato

Woman With A Plan

May 25 · Issue #29 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

“The greatest wealth is to live content with little.”
― Plato

Like Sunshine and Rain
This week I began the surreal process of packing our lives into ten giant duffle bags in preparation for our move to Vienna. Condensing all our worldly possessions has been as emotional as you’d expect, yet oddly gratifying at the same time. After reading about the KonMari method (also known as The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up), I found myself holding up everything from a pair of shoes to a tube of lipstick and asking myself, “Does this spark joy?” Surprisingly, many things did not. Sometimes it was guilt over the expense or regret over the lack of use. Other items reminded me of poor choices or embarrassing failures. It’s amazing how quickly you can blame a sweater for your insecurities. I began to wonder, how many times had an inanimate object ruined my mood? One by one, I packed each culprit into a donation bag, thanked it for its service, and sent it on its way. I wish I had considered purging these things long ago, but I can’t think of a better way to make a fresh start than leaving them behind.
Media Diet
Plenty has been said about the royal wedding last weekend, from the perfect picture, the first dance, and the dress (no, THAT one), but I think we can all agree, we needed that (via NY Times).
In the wake of another school shooting, I am more than relieved to be leaving active shooter drills behind for a while. Enough Is Enough (NY Times).
These preparations — sheltering in place, ducking for cover, running for your life — have become a routine part of our children’s educational experience. This is not normal and must never be accepted as such. Neither are these shootings normal. This is all insanity.
Did you get a million emails about websites updating their privacy policy this week? Here’s why.
Ugh. Why can’t men just be decent? It’s not like they don’t know how to act the part.
I was sad to hear our beloved Seattle radio station KEXP retired Shake the Shack, their longstanding Friday night show. At least we have this playlist by DJ Leon Berman to keep as a time capsule. 
Speaking of great playlists, be sure to check out this Spotify collection featuring a song for each year from 1925 to 2018. 
This could be bad news for me. 
Looking for good summer reading material? Here are a few recommendations (although these are more up my alley). 
Who’s going to see Solo this weekend? I can’t wait if only to enjoy another performance by Donald Glover. That man can do no wrong
No offense, Han
Open Tabs
Memorial Day sales are here! Enjoy this comprehensive list of all the good ones. 
Nordstrom Rack has some great deals at the moment, including a bareMinerals serum and exfoliator I’ve been hoping to try.
What a sweet eyelet top and matching skirt. 
Love these bright swimsuits on sale over at Mara Hoffman (and body positive models!)
I’ve been looking for the perfect casual sneaker to bring to Vienna and I finally settled on classic Stan Smith’s, but these Nike’s were a close second.
Here’s a great list of eyebrow tips. I’m a big fan of microblading (just did it a second time with @KFBrows), but I never thought of mustache dye!
Don’t judge me, but I am so in love with this ridiculously expensive jumpsuit. Madewell has a few less expensive options, but none of them are quite as appealing.
The dog days are coming ☀️
Have a Wonderful Weekend
Woman With A Plan is a newsletter by Sarah Richey, soon-to-be expat and mom of three feminists in the making.
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