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Woman With A Plan - Issue #3


Woman With A Plan

October 27 · Issue #3 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

Halloween Edition!
If you spend as much time at Target as I do, you are intimately familiar with the seasonal corner in the back of the store. Some months, it features an exciting new array of outdoor furniture. Others, it showcases offensively early merchandise (Back to School in July? Christmas in October??) But there’s one time of year when you know you’ve hit the jackpot: HALLOWEEN. Aisle after aisle is filled with spooky treats and inventive (if not slightly distasteful) decor run amok. At what other time of year is it acceptable to festoon your front lawn with corpses? And of course, there’s the immense costume selection, from the adorable to the disturbing. Yet despite my children’s pleas to outfit them as their favorite Star Wars characters, I always seem to avoid the ready-made options and “help” them choose a more sophisticated theme for our family. And by sophisticated, I mean exhausting. Like a week of evenings spent gluing tiny sequins all over three little suits. Let’s just say this year’s choice will be infamous. Thinking back on assembling miniature spacesuits or scouring hardware stores for proton pack components, I realize I should be thanking my own mother for setting a standard with many homemade costumes years ago. When I begged for a plastic interpretation of Jem, she convinced me we could do better. And by “we,” she meant “me and my sewing machine.” So thank you, Mom, for the Cheshire Cat, Strawberry Shortcake, a beautiful poodle skirt, and many more. You taught me well. 
Lady Liberty circa 1986
Media Diet
In this week’s installment of destroying the patriarchy, celebrity chef John Besh steps down amid a sexual harassment scandal, and 38 women step forward with claims of sexual harassment against writer/producer James Toback. We are witnessing a sea change, my friends. 
If ever there was evidence of sexual harassment being a nonpartisan issue, I give you Exhibit A. Check out this compelling Katie Couric podcast interview with Gretchen Carlson, in which she highlights - among many other issues - the problem with forced arbitration clauses (a term I knew nothing about until I was asked to sign one with a former employer). 
Incidentally, a large group of spineless moneygrubbers voted to uphold mandatory arbitration clauses for the financial industry this week, preventing millions of American from bringing class action lawsuits against companies like Equifax. 
I love me some JT, but this decision could not be more tone-deaf during a year in which gender bias and discrimination have been a running theme. #istandwithjanet
This is a fascinating article for anyone who loved the music featured in late 90s commercials for The Gap. (But how can they not mention Khaki Swing?!)
Cancel the sky bridge to our neighbor’s house, I’m totally doing this on my street.
Searching for kid-friendly Halloween movies sent me down a vortex of nostalgia last weekend. I don’t even want to admit how long I spent watching this movie on youtube
SO excited for this one - please let it be good!
You remind me of the babe. #halloweengoals
Sarah's Guide to Great Hair
Per a reader request, I’m happy to share my hairstyling tips and tricks. I hope you find it useful!
1. Visit a good stylist in your area for Balayage or “foilayage” (I see Julie at Flourish here in Seattle).
2. Buy these supplies:
- Dry Shampoo (these are some of my favorites)
- Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (use sparingly to add texture to finished waves and body at roots)
- Leonor Greyl Éclat Naturel Styling Cream (use sparingly to create separation and smooth, finished ends)
3. Practice this technique. It gets easier with time, I promise.
4. Limit washing hair to 1-2 times per week (see dry shampoo recommendations). I never thought this was possible, but your hair will get used to it (and so will you).
Good Luck!
To quote my 5-year-old, "OH la la!"
Open Tabs
If your feet are a size 10, I IMPLORE you to buy these Rachel Comey booties. It’s a crazy good deal and it kills me they aren’t a size 11. (A forewarning - they run very narrow.) 😭
Creme de la Mer may be one of life’s biggest mysteries. Is it a magical cream worth its weight in gold? Is it a bunch of BS? This limited edition version to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a slightly less expensive package to test the waters.
Great last minute tips on Halloween candy. I’m kicking myself for not buying fortune cookies - that’s genius! The mini burgers are a solid option too. I suppose there’s always next year… 
via Ann Street Studio
Have a wonderful weekend - I’ll be binge watching this!
Happy Halloween! 🎃👻😈
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