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Woman With A Plan - Issue #30

“Life begins at forty.” ― W. B. Pitkin

Woman With A Plan

June 1 · Issue #30 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

“Life begins at forty.”
― W. B. Pitkin

How Soon is Now?
A year ago, on my 39th birthday, I began thinking about the perfect way to celebrate turning 40. Would it be a huge party? A long weekend in Europe? Never did I imagine it would be a strange combination of both, bidding goodbye to all our loved ones before we embark on our Vienna adventure. I was hoping to have something profound to say on the brink of these momentous life events, but the truth is I am exhausted. And nervous. And scared. My jaw aches from clenching my teeth and sleep has been interrupted by one nightmare after another (falling off a cliff, stepping into a spider’s nest, sharing a high dive platform with Orlando Bloom). A year ago, I had my life figured out and a year later, I’m throwing it all up in the air to see where it lands. 90% of me feels excited and brave, but 10% of me is terrified. What if it doesn’t work out? What if we fail? Will I have to go back to waitressing? Will my parents let us move in with three children? How am I turning 40 years old and dealing with this crap? Maybe it’s because, at 40, I’m realizing that my imagined future is happening right now and instead of putting things off, I’m asking, “If not now, when?” The last thing I want is to look back with regret or realize the window of opportunity has passed, even if that means a little risk. Or a REALLY BIG risk. Bold moves and rattled nerves may shave a few years off in the end, but I’m going to make the most of the ones to come.
Note to self: Remember to breathe
Summer of '78 via NY Times
Media Diet
Under his eye, motherfucker.
Be sure to read Roxanne Gay’s take on Roseanne Barr in this week’s NY Times, a spot on assessment after a string of recent episodes shining a light on racial bias in America. 
“…one wonders just how many teaching moments we need for white people to no longer feel entitled to comment on or police black bodies. And how much longer will we choose to consume pop culture that encourages such policing, either implicitly or explicitly?”
While companies like Starbucks attempt to right their wrongs with staff training, we’ve seen how effective that’s been with sexual harassment. Per Harvard sociology professor Frank Dobbin:
“Training virtually never has any effect on people’s bias, and it’s partly because bias is based on a lifetime of experiences with the media, and with real life.” 
What works better, he says, is more diverse hiring at the management level.
I just can’t… 🤯
Serena Williams is taking the French Open by storm in a Wakanda-inspired catsuit like the superhero she is. So much love for this woman. ❤️💪🏾
Speaking of superheroes (NY Times).
Warning: Do not listen to this episode of This American Life if you ever want to eat calamari again.
Well, how cool is this? But will they have stinky rollerskate?
We watched The Karate Kid for family movie night a few weeks ago and minds were blown. Not sure how I feel about this
Validation, at last!
The NY Times recently unearthed two boxes of slides that hadn’t been touched since they were taken during the summer of 1978. The images are striking, particularly for the lack of devices. According to my mother, “It was a beautiful summer. The first perfect warm day was June 1st. We lived up in Hastings-on-Hudson then, but you and I made many trips to New York City for visits. The summer was great all the way through Labor Day when we took you on your first camping trip to Indian Lake in the Adirondacks.” ❤️
Summer of '78 via NY Times
Open Tabs
Running with my iPhone became a daunting task when I upgraded to the 8 Plus. Luckily, I found this mini music player. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll keep you posted on the results.
Lots of great tips in this new weekly newsletter from one of my favorite designers.
Another great roundup of cult status beauty products. I can vouch for this, this, and this.
These Levis are a popular choice among many bloggers, and the light pink version is a ridiculous deal right now. 
Love the colors of this striped tee (because I could really use another one). 🙄
I found the perfect pair of lightweight travel pants at Lululemon last week (and scored them for less on eBay). I’m always sure to check their clearance section too.
Big news for J. Crew coming this fall. Not sure it will work, but I’m on board for these. #relaunchjennalyons
Summer of '78 via Mom
Auf Wiedersehen!
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