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Woman With A Plan - Issue #40

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”  ― The Dalai Lama

Woman With A Plan

September 14 · Issue #40 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” 
― The Dalai Lama

Dark Side of The Moon
It’s been over three months (!) since we moved to Vienna, officially my longest experience living overseas. Slowly but surely, I’m feeling better about my role as a stay-at-home-mom. Many days are a challenge, though more have become - dare I say - fulfilling. Still, it hasn’t stopped me from perusing LinkedIn job alerts on a daily basis. Old habits die hard. English-speaking opportunities in Austria are less frequent than I expected, though more shocking may be the amount of personal information required by prospective employers. A typical HR form includes mandatory fields for date of birth and marital status. Many jobs request a resume with a headshot, a practice I long considered taboo. Hasn’t anyone around here heard of unconscious bias? I posted a question on this topic to an expat women’s group on Facebook and a thread lit up with interview horror stories, from inquiries about family birth plans, religious beliefs, or the profession of the applicant’s parents. Headhunters suggested changing CV’s that were deemed “too Asian,” or dumbing them down to appear less intimidating. Coming from a land where I thought the salary question ban was a hot topic, it boggles the mind. Several women were quick to note questions which are no longer permissible by law, though many felt compelled to answer them for fear of being overlooked. Back in the US, I was comfortable speaking out these issues, but how far I would compromise to land a coveted spot abroad? It has me wondering whether to continue with a job search at all. As one Facebook user put it, “Would I really want to work for a company with such antiquated views? Chances are, it will reflect in the employees’ attitudes.” A few shared optimistic stories of success, while others suggested looking into startups with modern sensibilities. Perhaps there are more progressive workplaces to be discovered in time. Until then, the best-suited job may be the one I already have.
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Media Diet
Talk about a dollar late and an election short.
Loved this well-articulated piece by Michelle Goldberg in the NY Times. Exactly how I feel about the return of Aziz Ansari.
I feel sorry for a lot of these men, but I don’t think they feel sorry for women, or think about women’s experience much at all. And maybe that’s why the discussion about #MeToo and forgiveness never seems to go anywhere, because men aren’t proposing paths for restitution. They’re asking why women won’t give them absolution.
Sadly, I missed any US Open action, but I caught up on the drama. I recommend this and this for a compelling response to the situation. Serena is a hero and no referee can rob her of that, but let’s focus on the amazing young woman who was robbed of her moment to shine.
I have a confession to make. When I originally read that actress Brigitte Nielsen (yes, that Brigitte Nielsen) was pregnant at age 54, I balked. How could she push the envelope that far? But then I read this interview and I felt ashamed. How many famous men have we seen (and celebrated!) as they sire children well into their golden years? If modern medicine gives women an equal opportunity to do the same, I applaud it.
Finally catching up on my favorite podcasts now that the kids are back to school. Beauty fans should check out the most recent episode of Fat Mascara, featuring Paula Begoun of Paula’s Choice Skincare, a lady who does not suffer fools gladly.
Would you be brave enough to pull off this gutsy move for the perfect date?
Well, this looks pretty awesome (and yay, Sally Draper!)
Wow! Congrats to John Legend. #egot
A fascinating collection, especially in light of our European travels. (Thanks to Jess Bombacie!)
File under: what to show your kid when they complain about walking TWO FREAKING BLOCKS.
He looks sweet now...
Open Tabs
There’s something very pretty about the cut of this unique top. Also nice in lilac.
& Other Stories just opened an outpost in Vienna and I can’t wait to check it out. They’re really killing it with the fall sweaters right now.
Oktoberfest is around the corner - could it be time to invest in a dirndl? Even Austrian fashion bloggers wear them!
P.S. What not to wear to Oktoberfest.
Can anyone out there recommend an amazing eye cream? This summer took a serious toll on my face and my eyes seemed to bear the brunt of it. I’m considering this one, but appreciate any recommendations!
After a quick dip in temperature, Vienna heated back up last week. In the US, we (questionably) call it Indian Summer. In Austria, it is called Altweibersommer, or Old Wives Summer, supposedly because spider webs at this time of year are reminiscent of an old woman’s gray hair. Good timing for my first Viennese salon appointment on Saturday. Wish me luck!! 😬🤞🏻🙏🏻
One last summer ice cream
Have a Wonderful Weekend
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