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Woman With A Plan - Issue #43

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”  ― Louisa May Alcott, Little Wome

Woman With A Plan

October 12 · Issue #43 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.” 
― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Heads Will Roll
Catastrophic Supreme Court confirmations aside, our family enjoyed a terrific trip to Prague last weekend. Four hours by train and we arrived in one of Europe’s most stunningly preserved cities, lined with cobblestone streets, views of the world’s largest castle, and historical landmarks spared even during World War II. There’s something therapeutic about a place that’s weathered centuries of political upheaval. Every time we visit a new city, I look for children’s books to get the kids more engaged. This time, I discovered a pop-up book called Mysterious Prague, illustrated with spooky and gruesome stories dating back to the 14th Century. Here’s an excerpt:
For ten years, the heads of twelve lords executed in Old Town Square were displayed as a warning on the Old Town Bridge Tower. Here at midnight, the spirits of these unfortunates sometimes sing melancholy songs.
True to Prague’s Medieval roots, this is only one of eight ghost stories involving decapitation. Needless to say, the boys loved it. It makes me wonder, what will children’s books say about our time hundreds of years from now? Will today’s events warrant tales of intrigue, or will they be glossed over between decades? It feels as though we’re living through a revolution, but maybe that’s always the case. I’m not sure whether I’d prefer making history or living in the margins, but it probably says something that I don’t see it as a choice. Speaking of which, DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! I was nervous about getting it done all the way from Vienna, but the absentee ballot process was shockingly easy (thank you, King County!) Here’s a handy guide for voter registration guidelines in every state. Let’s do this. #novemberiscoming
Media Diet
My thoughts are with all of those recovering from Hurricane Michael back in the US. Hard to see another devastating storm without thinking of this grim report on climate change.
10 years ago, John McCain announced a female candidate for Vice President and our political landscape was never the same. In a fascinating two-part podcast, Katie Couric revisits her infamous interviews with Sarah Palin, along with insights from 2008 campaign insiders. Definitely worth a listen.
Coming from one of preppiest hometowns in America, this piece doesn’t surprise me at all.
How is this amazing woman only 18? I hope she inspires her generation as much as she inspires mine.
A lot of people have folded up within themselves, ignoring responsibilities because they don’t want to take on the task of fixing the country that has been broken for so long. The fact that it is broken feels like a parent who has not done their job properly, and you feel embarrassed and ashamed for the fact that you don’t know how to change the country, how to change the way this parent acts. You don’t know how to have pride in a system, a situation that only causes many people pain and suffering. But we realize now that it’s not that the system exists — it’s that we have a direct hand over the system’s checks and balances. We are the checks and balances.
Umm, this sounds AMAZING.
Speaking of camp, I’m curious to check out this new HBO series premiering on Sunday. Hopefully, it’s as entertaining as Jennifer Garner’s Instagram account.
I can’t think of a better time to revisit this perfect album.
UGH, so creepy.
What a lovely sendoff (via Kottke).
Artistic genius.
Someone please get this surveillance video.
Did you hear the news? It’s a scary time for young men in America.
Open Tabs
One of Prague’s best kept secrets? SEPHORA! I jumped at the chance to pick up a new primer from Fenty (worth it) and this Color Correcting Treatment from Dr. Jart (jury’s still out on that one).
I’ve been researching ways to keep my makeup lasting longer while running around with the kids. In addition to primer, I’ve also added Laura Mercier Translucent Powder to my routine and it’s definitely helping.
Can I just wear this outfit all winter long?
Really liking the Halloween vibes of this sweater.
Did you know Madewell has a men’s department now? I’d be sending my husband here for sure if we lived in the US.
I’m practically SAVING money if I amortize the cost of using this new curling iron every day, right??
Have a Wonderful Weekend
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