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Woman With A Plan - Issue #8

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a self-destructing patriarchy. 🌳🍐💪

Woman With A Plan

December 1 · Issue #8 · View online
Weekly thoughts, ideas, and information from one woman to another.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a self-destructing patriarchy. 🌳🍐💪

Back to the Future
Watching season two of Stranger Things a few weeks ago sent me down a wormhole of nostalgia, and I haven’t been able to shake the fantasy of living in simpler times ever since. Back in 1984, my greatest dream was to own a television small enough to carry in my pocket. Now I find myself fantasizing about rotary phones and record players. I’d kill a Demogorgon to offer my kids a basic childhood of BMX bikes, walkie-talkies, and video games that require leaving the house. Maybe it’s the constant stream of email or our president’s use of Twitter, but something about our digital era is starting to feel less like a dream come true and more like a gate to the upside down. This recent NY Times opinion piece declared that our love affair with digital is over:
Many of us bought into the fantasy that digital made everything better. We surrendered to this idea and mistook our dependence for romance until it was too late. Today, when my phone is on, I feel anxious and count down the hours to when I am able to turn it off and truly relax. The love affair I once enjoyed with digital technology is over — and I know I’m not alone.
Others are calling for an end to social media. Make no mistake, I still believe in the power of the internet and fighting for its freedom, but it seems like the further we continue down this rabbit hole, the more I’m drawn to nostalgic merchandise and retro entertainment. I came this close to buying a bunch of cassette tapes at Urban Outfitters over the weekend, nearly forgetting that I hated cassette tapes! Maybe all of this means the path to a happier future somehow lies in embracing more of our past. I’m up for it if you are.
R.I.P. Barb
Media Diet
The hits keep coming… Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor faced the chopping block this week for alleged sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior. Though each moment of reckoning feels like a step towards progress, there’s still a giant orange elephant in the room. Makes me appreciate this brilliant analogy by Patton Oswalt in his Fresh Air interview this week:
But all of these rapists and harassers and creeps that are being exposed, overhanging all of this, like the final boss in a video game, is our president, Donald Trump. So as each of these mini-bosses, if you will, gets taken down, are we working our way towards the final boss where we can finish the video game and move on to the next thing at this point?
The question shouldn’t be, “Who is the man who deactivated the president’s Twitter account?” It should be, “Why isn’t TWITTER deactivating it?” Surely taunting North Korea about their nuclear program violates terms of service?
In these trying times, this news is more than a welcome distraction. Congratulations, Harry & Meghan! 
Loved this empowering piece by Dr. Jen Gunter on the reclaiming of our ladyparts. “The era in which men can shame women for their perfectly healthy vaginas is now coming to an end.” AMEN. 🙌
Check out this interesting glimpse into some of the offers for Amazon’s second headquarters. They’re all bad, but the Chicago deal is truly shameful.
Oh, happy day! These trailers give me hope we’ll see Black Mirror season four appearing soon on Netflix. In the meantime, I highly recommend the Emmy Award-winning episode, San Junipero
Really dying to see this movie - the highest rated in Rotten Tomatoes history!
via @badasscrostitch
Open Tabs
Thinking of a fun holiday outfit, I love the idea of metallic pants like thisthis, or this paired with a simple top like this, this, or this. Someone in a size four, please buy these (20% off!)
More gift ideas… I just discovered this fun Harry Potter collection from Pottery Barn Teen (I’m sure the bedding is going over huge with 16-year-old boys).
The perfect thing for any mom trying to catch a break.
This would make a good present for someone born in New York City in 1978. Just sayin’.
#sundayvibes 📚📚📚
Have a Wonderful Weekend.
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